Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance  


When a serious illness strikes, critical illness insurance — available through Allstate — can provide financial support to help you through a difficult time. It protects against the financial impact of certain illnesses, such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, heart transplant, and other life-threatening conditions. (See Allstate brochures for a full list of covered illnesses and exclusions.)


You receive a lump-sum benefit, paid directly to you at the time a covered illness is diagnosed, to cover out-of-pocket expenses for your treatment, to pay your coinsurance, or to take care of your everyday living expenses, such as housekeeping services, special transportation services, and child care. There is also a $50 annual wellness benefit for completing specific health activities.


Choose from two benefit coverage options:

  • $10,000
  • $20,000


Please note:

  • You can take your coverage with you if you leave Masonite.
  • Issue ages are 18 and over, if actively at work



AllState (Claims)
Policy/Group Number: V6892


These form(s) are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format and are available for downloading and printing.


Critical Illness Insurance Brochure