Disability Insurance & Family Medical Leave

Disability Insurance & Family Medical Leave


The loss of income due to illness or injury can cause serious financial hardship for your family. Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income to help you continue paying your bills and meeting your financial obligations during this difficult time.


What is considered a disability?

A disability is caused by a sickness or injury (other than a work-related injury) and also includes coverage for maternity leave. Your doctor and MetLife will determine how long you should be out of work based on your condition. Your doctor will be required to submit medical documentation to certify your disability.


Receiving disability benefits

Remember that you may have other paid time off days you can use prior to when disability insurance begins to pay. Your disability insurance may have an elimination period that must be satisfied before you are eligible for benefits payment. An elimination period is the length of time between the beginning of your disability and the day your disability benefits start. Please see your local HR office.


How to Submit a Claim

Please notify your supervisor if you need to file a claim for disability and/or a Family Medical Leave (FML). For details on the steps to take to submit a claim, refer to this step-by-step process