Benefits Eligibility

All regular full-time employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible for Masonite benefits. In addition, if you are an eligible employee, you may also enroll:

  • Your spouse or qualified domestic partner
  • Your children or domestic partner’s children up to age 26 (end of month in which they turn 26 for medical, dental and vision)
  • Mentally or physically disabled dependent child(ren) regardless of age


Check your dependents’ eligibility

If you are adding a new dependent to the plan, you will be asked to provide documentation verifying his or her eligibility. You will receive a notice from One Source Virtual (OSV) letting you know what documentation you are required to provide. Failure to provide documentation will result in your dependents losing medical coverage.


Enrolling domestic partners

You may enroll your same-sex or opposite sex domestic partner and his or her eligible dependents for Masonite benefits. A Domestic Partner Affidavit will be required in order to cover your domestic partner. The IRS requires you to be taxed on the value of the coverage the company provides to a domestic partner and the domestic partner's child(ren). This amount is referred to as imputed income.