Free Medical Premium

Free Medical Premium  


If you are enrolled in a Masonite medical plan and you show proof of your annual medical physical, you can receive a $25 credit ($35 in 2023) per paycheck. You can also receive an additional $25 credit per paycheck by showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This means you will end up paying nothing for employee only premium in the Basic HSA medical plan!

Note: The COVID-19 vaccine credit is being eliminated for 2023.


To earn these credits:

  • Get your free annual physical from your in-network doctor. Have your doctor’s office complete the Annual Physical certification form confirming you had your physical, and email it to
  • Receive a $25 credit in each paycheck when you get your COVID-19 vaccine. Present you vaccination card to your HR representative if you have not done so already, in order to receive the credit.